- Shirli is soothing to the mind, body and soul -

Our History...

In 2009 two friends spoke about the need of good  health which includes taking care of the skin. Having seen the need for healing of the skin, mind, body and soul, we both from the native of Trinidad & Tobago, believed that we were called to create a difference, thus Shirli was born.

Looking at my mother's care for plants and her love for the skin, I developed the passion of love for my skin and 2009 I spoke to my sister's friend about my love for my skin and the care for others.  She kept all of my secrets on my thoughts, vision and helped me to bring it to life in 2019.

The brand extended from handmade soaps to body and home-care, offering a wide range of products with soothing textures and scents.

10 years later the passion and devotion can now be found.

Signature scents...

Enriched with natural ingredients which is the healing power of Nature, Shirli is committed to  high quality organic natural ingredients selected from:

  • Plants

  • Shea Butter

  • Essential oils 


Each ingredient provides the skin with nourishment  and care.

* Our Products are not animal tested and are all plant based.